Maps – Then and Now

Canon de Carnue and Carnuel, San Miguel de Laredo Land Grant are the same grant located in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.  The original petition was made by Manuel Armijo and 18 families on February 12, 1763.  The grant was approved by Governor Tomas Velez Cachupin for around 48,000 acres. The U.S. government heard proceedings for this grant before the office of the Surveyor General and the Court of Private Land Claims and reduced the acreage to 2,000 acres.  Click here to read more from the State Historian.

The map below is from 1776, by Bernardo Miera y Pacheco, when he accompanied the Dominguez and Escalante expedition in 1776. Carnue is correctly positioned, although Chilili is not located correctly – it should be further south, towards Estancia.

This map illustrates the boundary of the 1819 Grant of 48,000 acres compared to today’s 2000 acres.