Land Grant Issues

The original grant was made in 1763, when the Governor of New Mexico sought help to defend the pass between the Sandia Mountains and the Manzanita Mountains from invading Indians.

We are celebrating the Bicentennial of the 1819 resettlement of our Land Grant this year, in 2019!

Much of the 1819 grant has been lost, and we are still in litigation with the US Government to regain land lost to us.

We were blessed to have a meeting in May with newly-elected Congresswoman Deb Haaland, who is taking an interest in our New Mexico Land Grants.

Land Recovery Program: We also have a program to regain land that has been within the original grant boundaries – some of it we have purchased (as we did for the Capilla de San Miguel de Laredo Reconstruction), some is in the process of being donated back to the Land Grant, and some is targeted to be purchased.